Jacuzzi is generally constructed from a permanent hard material and is designed to suit your specific tastes. These Jacuzzi spas are actually a type of custom spa that is set into the ground, with the top of the spa located at or near ground level.

Advantages & Uses:

  • In home physical therapy - for water exercise or as a natural muscle relaxant remedy.
  • As a Jacuzzi spa- to enhance or create a tranquil home day spa environment. Or as an add-on to enhance a workout room.
  • Fun and entertainment - for the family or Jacuzzi party purposes, indoor or out.

Types of Jacuzzis

  • Jacuzzi whirlpool tub - utilizing Jacuzzi jets that force both air and water through pressure jets incorporated into the bathtub; for stimulating, deep-tissue massage. Select a tub with spacious bathing wells and multiple jet placements to maximize your Jacuzzi experience.
  • Air bath whirlpool - for hydrotherapy benefits produced by an airflow system that blows air through the water; creating soothing currents - gentler and more sedating than jetted bath massages.
  • Jacuzzi water heater models - heated versions of both Jacuzzi whirlpool and air bath whirlpool tubs; with blasts of heated water and heated air that increase muscle massage and relaxation.
  • Jacuzzi steam shower tub - with the same muscle-relaxing benefits of a regular Jacuzzi, but with the added benefit of a caressing stream of steaming water, pulsating through an attached steam shower head