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About Pioneer Fountains

Specializing in custom built commercial fountains, manufacturing/constructing several types of outdoor fountains, swimming pools waterfalls, fountains and musical fountains, tools for irrigation and accessories for outdoor use, Pioneer Fountains excels at all. Pioneer Fountains has teamed up with most of the architectural firms, right from 5 star hotels, parks to shopping malls and farm houses in an endeavor to install world class fountains and swimming pools.

Our expertise lies in providing a complete range of high end swimming pool and fountain equipment (mechanical and electrical) for meeting the requirements of residential, commercial and competition pools

We are driven by the aim to design, innovate and create exemplary water features. We team up with leading architects and designers to take on challenging projects to further the growth of the industry of water equipment.

Our innovative ideas are backed by technology. We have successfully been able to devise computer controlled fountains that are programmed to produce animated effects/patterns by the use of water and light. Our fountains have been programmed in a manner that even after several years of use, the programming of its function can be altered to produce a different effect.

We manufacture and deal in quality products that comply with ISO standards. Our cost effective prices makes us stand apart in the industry.


Pioneer has been in the Fountain and Swimming Pool business since 2009. We have a team who design variety of Fountain and Swimming pool design by our creative team support. Static Fountains , Musical Fountains , Programmable Fountains , Floating Fountain and complete solution for Swimming Pool from its designing to installation of filtration , equipment's , accessories etc. We have most of the equipment in hose manufactured for Fountains and Swimming Pools. Our aim is to deliver best service to our clients before and after sales service.